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Specialist Treatment for Children & Young People with Fatigue


Information for GPs and Referrers

We are able to accept referrals to see any young person under the age of 18 with Fatigue who needs help getting better. They may have mild Fatigue and need a little help, or have very severe Fatigue and not be able to get out of bed.

We are able to accept referrals if your patient is 16-18 years old as long as they are still registered with a school or college. If they are already in employment, it may be most appropriate for you to consider referral directly to your most local Adult Fatigue service.

  • We can accept referrals locally, regionally and nationally
  • Hospital consultants, GPs or other health professionals can refer patients

Before we are able to offer treatment in our service, children and young people being referred to us need to have had:

  • Suspected Fatigue for at least 3 months
  • A range of screening blood tests to rule out other causes of fatigue. The results supplied must be within the last 12 months.

Our referral proforma, which details all of the screening blood tests required, contains the information we need when a young person is referred to us.

Referral Proforma

Please note: if the information supplied is incomplete, this could delay the start of treatment.

All referring GPs are requested to make a formal referral via NHS e-Referral Service:

  1. Select: Children and Adolescent Service.
  2. Clinic type: Neurology.
  3. Postcode: BA1 3NG.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are referring from outside the local RUH area the young person’s GP MUST submit the referral via NHS e-Referral Service (formerly Choose & Book).

Consultants at other hospitals wishing to make a referral should write, with a completed referral proforma as above, to:

Professor Esther Crawley (Consultant Paediatrician),
Paediatric Specialist Fatigue Service,
Children's Centre, Department B11
Royal United Hospital Bath,
Combe Park,
Bath, BA1 3NG

If you have any queries prior to referring, please contact a member of the team on
01225 821340 or at

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