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Specialist Treatment for Children & Young People with Fatigue


About the Paediatric Specialist Fatigue Service

COVID-19 and Fatigue Treatment Service appointments:

We currently offer virtual or face-to-face appointments (depending on preference) and continue to follow hospital guidelines in relation to COVID. 

If you have any queries, please contact the team by email at :-

UK national and local Fatigue treatment

UK mapOur specialist treatment service can provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment programmes for children and young people with Fatigue anywhere in the UK.

The team comprises specialist Consultant Paediatricians and Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists, and is led by Professor Esther Crawley, one of the few consultant paediatricians specialising in Chronic Fatigue in the country.

Note: We accept referrals from across the UK.

Why choose us?

Disabling fatigue is common after infections (as in Long-COVID) or in long-term conditions (cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, etc). Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or myalgic encephalomylopathy is also relatively common in children, affecting at least 1% of teenagers. ME/CFS is probably the largest cause of long-term absence from school. Despite this, there are very few teams in the UK who specialise in seeing children with long-term disabling fatigue, and even fewer who are able to see severely affected children in their home. We offer specialist individualised treatment tailored for children, adolescents and their families.

Clinical Experts

Professor Crawley and her team see over 450 children with Chronic Fatigue a year and provide a specialist service for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of any child or young person who has Chronic Fatigue and needs help.

We have particular expertise in helping and supporting children who are severely affected, as well as children whose case may be complicated by more than one problem. The outlook for children with Chronic Fatigue who access appropriate treatment is excellent, with most making a good or complete recovery. We therefore aim for recovery.

Evidence Based Treatment

We are committed to offering evidence based treatment. We have studied the revised NICE guidelines published on 29 October 2021. We are pleased to say that our service offers all of the aspects of treatment as recommended in the guidance. We offer holistic assessment and personalised care and support plans, developed together with the young person with ME/CFS and their family or carers. This includes exploring energy management, physical functioning and mobility, education support needs, managing symptoms and flare-ups, and supporting psychological and emotional well-being.

Award Winning Service!

One of our excellent team providing care within the Paediatric Fatigue Treatment Service was awarded the RUH Chief Executive's Customer Care award in December 2018. They were nominated by the parents of a young person they had worked with over a two-year period. The Staff Recognition Committee was impressed by their dedication and kindness, and noted that their support to the young person and family was obviously greatly appreciated. The family described our team member as providing support when they were low and the praise they all needed to help beat the illness.

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Current Research Activity

We are currently running a number of research studies, which include:

LoCATE (for ages 11-17) – We want to know what you think about the treatment you have had for your Long Covid. If you would like to find out more, please email

GEM (for ages 8-17) – We want to test whether 2 rare genetic diseases are found in ME/ CFS patients. If you would like to find out more, please click here.

POMME (for ages 8-18) – We want to test a new short questionnaire with ME/ CFS patients. If you would like to find out more, please click here.

SUPERWATCH (for ages 7-11 years) – We would like your help with designing a smartwatch to help with your fatigue. If you would like to find out more, please click here.


Our service featured in mainstream media

FITNET-NHS Clinical Trial featured in national media (November 2016)

Case Notes BBC Radio 4 (2007)

As part of a series of programmes on BBC Radio 4 looking at this condition, Case Notes presenter Dr Mark Porter accompanied Professor Crawley in her clinic to find out more about Chronic Fatigue and meet some of the children who have been affected by this condition.

You can listen to the Case Notes programme on the Radio 4 website.

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