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Specialist Treatment for Children & Young People with Fatigue


Long COVID early support whilst waiting for assessment

If your symptoms started after COVID, you can have additional help and support while you wait for a medical assessment. This additional help will be focussed on improving your sleep. We may be able to offer advice on other symptoms and on how to manage your energy.

Frequently asked questions:

Why does my child need to have had a positive test?

We need to be certain that your symptoms started after COVID because we are offering early treatment before medical assessment. If you do not have a positive COVID test we will provide treatment after medical assessment.

Why are you offering early advice on sleep?

Most children and young people with Long COVID have problems with sleep. Helping sleep can improve symptoms and may lead to a faster recovery.

Why does my child need blood tests when we know they had COVID?

We need to be sure that we are treating Long COVID. We therefore ask all children and young people to have screening blood tests to exclude other causes of fatigue.

I am sure I had COVID but I don't have a positive test, why can't I access the Rapid Access Clinic?

The rapid access clinic is for children and young people who we are certain have developed symptoms after COVID. This allows us to offer treatment without waiting for blood results and without having been seen by a specialist doctor. This means we need to be certain that symptoms were caused by COVID. We hope to be using additional testing in the future which will enable us to test if somebody has had COVID previously but this testing is not available yet. Even if you cannot be seen in the rapid access clinic, we will still offer treatment if you have symptoms of Long-COVID with fatigue but you will be seen first by a doctor.

Why have you asked me to complete another questionnaire?

We want to understand more about the symptoms children and young people have so we can improve and adapt our treatment for Long COVID. The ISARIC questionnaire list of symptoms is the list that all services are using for symptoms.

To refer to this clinic please click on our information for GP and referrers tab and complete our proforma highlighting that the referral is for our Long COVID clinic.

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