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Patients & Visitors

Staying in Hospital

Your Rights

Consent to treatment

The staff caring for you may need to ask your permission to perform a particular procedure. Staff must be able to answer your questions and provide information on the risks and benefits of the proposed procedure.

You make the final decision and your wishes will be respected at all times. On the very rare occasion and only in an emergency, senior doctors are permitted to provide care which they consider is in your best interest.

Data Protection

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988 great care is taken to ensure your personal details and clinical information is protected at all times.

To aid the smooth running of a ward, your name only will be written on a wipe board in the staff area and in some wards above your bed. If for any reason you do not wish your name to be displayed, please inform the staff. Your wishes will be respected.

Special needs / Learning difficulties

It is very important for your care and recovery we are informed of any special needs or learning difficulties.

We must be able to effectively communicate with you and carers to ensure we discover your concerns/needs and for us to explain and agree with you the care you require.


If you feel that you have suffered from any discriminatory treatment whilst you are in hospital, please contact a senior staff member.

A decision to refuse treatment, care or service from a member of our staff which is based on discrimination (for example, skin colour, race, religion or ethnic origin of the staff member) may be seen as a refusal to accept medical care by the Trust.

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