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Patients & Visitors

Staying in Hospital

Heading Keeping your skin healthy

Stop Pressure Ulcers Whilst you are in hospital you will be asked if we can check your skin over - particularly your bony prominences. If you are unwell and immobile you may be at risk of getting a bed sore (or pressure ulcer) over your bones; especially your bottom and heels.

Pressure Ulcers: six steps to keep you safe

Whilst you are under our care, we do not want you to come to any harm so please follow these simple tips and read our Patient Information Leaflet.

  • Tell the nurse if you have any pain over any bony areas
  • Try to change your position in the bed or chair at least every couple of hours
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help moving if you can't manage it yourself – we are happy to help you
  • Don't rest your heels on a footstool
  • If you are at risk of getting a bed sore and cannot move yourself in hospital, we may give you an air mattress to lie on to help reduce some of the pressure on your bony areas
  • We will look at your nutrition and hydration whilst you are in hospital
  • We will try to help you with any continence issues you have to keep your skin healthy

Additional information

If you are interested, there is a link below to the "Your Turn" website where you find more practical advice:

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