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Patients & Visitors

Staying in Hospital

On Arrival at hospital...

The main hospital reception desk is in the front entrance, the ‘Atrium’, of the hospital.

Please report to the relevant ward, as detailed in your admission letter, on your arrival. All areas have a reception desk, where a member of staff will help you.

Wards are signposted throughout the hospital, but if you get lost or need help, please ask a member of staff or one of our Meet and Greet volunteers (they wear a blue sash or tabard) for directions.

When you arrive on the ward

The ward staff will welcome you, and talk you through the range of facilities available.

The ward staff will need you to confirm your name and address (including the full postcode), your ethnic origin and GP’s contact details.

It is also standard procedure to ask for the name and contact telephone number of a close relative or friend. Your ward staff will already have some details about your condition.

Your identity

You will be given a wrist band with your name on it, which you should wear at all times until discharge from hospital. It is important that you do not remove the band until you are discharged (go home) from hospital.

Please inform the person caring for you immediately if:

  • Your personal details are not correct
  • If for any reason you do not have an identity bracelet or it is illegible.
  • If you are at risk of a fall you may be asked to wear a Yellow falls bracelet.


If you have or think you might have any type of allergy (for example, an allergy to latex), it is very important you tell the staff member caring for you, before receiving treatment.

You may have to wear a red allergy bracelet

If for any reason the allergy band is removed please inform staff immediately.

Identifying us

All staff at the Trust wear identity badges which should be visible at all times. Ask any member of staff to show you their badge, and they’ll be happy to do so. You can also expect staff to introduce themselves.

For more information about identifying staff by their uniforms please see the Our Staff section

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