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Patients & Visitors

Staying in Hospital

Preparing to go to Hospital

When packing your bag or suitcase it may be useful to consider the following:

Please Note:
  • Most reception areas offer an induction loop to assist people with hearing impairment.
  • Wheelchairs can be found in the front entrance. You will need a £1 coin to use these which is returnable when you replace the wheelchair.


  • Your admission letter
    Your admission letter contains detailed information including the date of your admission and where to go when you arrive.
  • Medicines and allergy treatments
    We'll need to see any medicines you're currently taking, ideally in their original packaging. Bring everything in – tablets, injections, liquids, creams, inhalers and eye drops.

    Don't forget to include any products bought from a pharmacy, supermarket or the internet, including homeopathic or herbal remedies. We need to compile a complete record of all the medicines you're taking, so that we can best plan your treatment in hospital.

    Please let ward staff know if you have any allergies – for example, food, medicine or latex.
  • Clothes
    Please bring in your own comfortable day clothes, nightwear and dressing gown/cardigan. Slippers/footwear (for safety reasons these should have non slip soles and ideally be enclosed). If you will be staying in hospital for several days we will encourage you to wear your own pyjamas and daytime clothes. This can help you to maintain your individuality,self-esteem and independence.
  • Toiletries
    Please bring in your usual toiletries, including hearing aids and batteries, glasses and glasses case and denture pot if appropriate. You may want to bring: a hairbrush or comb, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste/denture cleaner, soap, towels, flannel, shaving equipment, sanitary wear and paper tissues. Space is limited, so please only bring what you need.
  • Questions you may have
    Think about any questions you'd like to ask your doctor – for example,
    • 'What will the treatment or procedure involve?'
    • 'How will I feel after my treatment?'
    • 'How soon can I return to work / start exercising / drive, etc?'
    • 'How well do I need to be to go home?'

    You may find it helpful to write your questions down and bring the list with you to hospital.
  • A small amount of money
    A small amount of change may come in handy for telephone calls, stamps, newspapers and so on.

Preventing blood clots during and after a stay in hospital

Your Medication

Please bring to hospital any medication you are taking and a list of any other medicines you have recently taken including those purchased from an alternative therapists / health food shops.

Your Doctor and Pharmacist will discuss the medicines you require while in hospital, which will be administered in some wards from your bed side medicines cabinet.

While in hospital it is very important you discuss any concerns you have in relation to your medication with your Pharmacist, Doctor or Nurse.

Before leaving hospital you must understand and if necessary practice:

  • What medicines you require
  • When to take you medicines
  • How to administer your medicines
  • What to do if you experience side effects from the medicines

The Little Extras

  • Electrical equipment
    Some patients do bring in their hairdryers or shavers.

    Please note that before you can use anything electrical in hospital, it has to be checked by a hospital electrician to ensure that it is safe. A member of the ward staff can arrange this for you, on arrival.
  • MP3 players and personal stereos
    You can bring along your MP3 player or personal stereo if it is battery operated and has earphones, but please consider other patients by keeping the volume at a reasonable level.

Please Note:

  • The RUH has Wi-Fi for patients and visitors
  • There isn't anywhere secure on the ward for you to store your valuable items. You should keep this in mind when you're planning what to bring with you
  • The RUH can only accept responsibility for loss, damage or theft of property that has been deposited with the cashiers for safekeeping and signed for by a member of staff

Please do not bring...

  • Washing powder
    Please ask a relative or friend to do any washing for you and provide extra changes of clothing as you will not be able to wash your clothes in the hospital.
  • Anything noisy
    To avoid disturbing other patients, please do not bring in your TV, radio or portable DVD players. You will have access to TV and radio on the ward.
  • Alcohol and tobacco
  • Unnecessary items
    You'll have a small bedside cupboard for storing your belongings so please bring only essential items!

Do not bring your valuables into hospital

eg. money, jewellery, iPhones/iPads

We ask that patients planning to come into hospital leave their valuables at home.

If a patient has an unplanned admission we ask that they give their property to their family to take home for safe keeping.

If you need to keep your valuables in hospital please talk to ward staff about keeping valuables in the hospital's safe. The Trust accepts no liability for any loss, damage or theft of any property belonging to a patient, except where the property has been deposited with the Trust for safekeeping.

Planning for going home

Please also think about your discharge.

  • How well do I need to be to go home?
  • How are you going to get home?
  • Who is going to be looking after you if you need extra support?
  • Can you prepare some food in advance for when you get home?
  • Have you got your own clothes and shoes to go home in?

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