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Hospital@Home for Bath and North East Somerset Patients

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Hospital@Home supports patients to return home where they will continue to receive care, rather than staying in hospital, even though they are medically unwell.

Patients are safely looked after in the comfort of their own home, and remain under the care of their RUH consultant, until they have safely completed their programme of treatment.

How does it work?

All Hospital@Home patients have an individually tailored care plan and receive two or three visits a day. Observations, blood tests, daily whiteboard and Multi-disciplinary Team discussions are all part of Hospital@Home, just like in hospital. Patients will still get the care they need, just in their own home.

Patients remain under the care of their consultant until they have finished their treatment.

The scheme is currently only available for BANES patients.

What are the benefits?

Being in a familiar environment can have a big impact on patients - evidence shows patients recover better and quicker in their own home.

Returning home also minimises the risk of physical or mental deconditioning – patients who spend the majority of their time in a hospital bed can quickly lose fitness or muscle tone and can lose confidence in their ability to perform everyday tasks. There is also a heightened risk of acquiring other infections in hospital, despite the extensive prevention and control measures in place.

Which patients can make use of the Hospital@Home service?

This service is available for patients from Bath and North East Somerset who are:

  • over the age of 18
  • medically unwell but stable and not becoming increasingly unwell)
  • safe between visits

For more information please contact:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions you might have about the service:

How do you identify which patients can use this service?

Patients who are eligible to be treated at home will be referred by members of the ward medical and nursing teams, and the RUH Hospital@Home team will work with the wards to assess if they may be appropriate to be part of the service.

Can I ask to be treated at home?

Yes, if you are a patient and think you could benefit from the Hospital@Home service please talk to your nursing team. There will be a review process for each patient to ensure they are suitable for Hospital@Home.

My doctor has suggested Hospital@Home for me/my relative – can I say no?

If you are identified as a patient who would benefit from the Hospital@Home, your care team will discuss this with you. You do not have to agree, you will be asked for your consent to become a Hospital@Home patient.

What kind of care will I get at home?

All patients will have an individually tailored care plan and receive two or three visits a day. The care team will include nurses, therapist and rehabilitation support workers, supported by medical nurse practitioners, a registrar and a consultant geriatrician.

Observations, blood tests, and daily whiteboard and multi-disciplinary team discussions are all part of Hospital@Home – patients will still get the care they need, just in their own home.

Is this just a way to free up beds, because you don’t have enough to treat all the patients you need to?

No not at all, research shows that patients recover better and quicker in their own home. Many of the treatments that patients suitable for the Hospital at Home service are receiving can easily be delivered at home, allowing them to recuperate and recover in a comfortable and familiar environment. The Hospital at Home service wants to work with patients to deliver high-quality care that puts you first and recognises your individual needs.

Is this service safe?

Each Hospital@Home patient is assessed on an individual basis, taking into account their individual needs to ensure they are suitable for the service. Patients will receive high-quality care, in their own homes and there are examples of similar successful services across the UK at other hospitals.

What happens if a patient needs to be re-admitted due to a deterioration in health?

Patients who are part of the Hospital@Home programme will not be discharged from the RUH until they have completed their treatment programme. We recognise that during the course of a treatment plan, things may change and that on occasion, treatment plans may change to reflect this.

If during your treatment, things change and we can no longer meet your healthcare needs in your own home, then we will arrange any necessary changes; this may include an increase in visits by the Hospital at Home team, early review in a clinic slot or even transfer back to an inpatient ward at the RUH.

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