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Patients & Visitors

Staying in Hospital

Our Staff

Health care today provides many opportunities to find solutions to your needs but this means it can feel complicated and confusing at times. Staff will help you whenever and wherever they can.

You and those caring for you are part of a team and therefore you are invited to contribute to your care at any time.

If you have any questions or concerns about the care and attention you are receiving, please discuss this as soon as possible with the most senior person on duty.

Staff identification

Matron Senior Sister
Clinical Nurse Specialist Junior Sister
Senior Health Care Assistants Staff Nurse


If you are providing care at home for the person admitted to hospital and wish to continue that care, please discuss this with the senior nurse on duty.

Involvement in care is very welcome at any time.

With the permission of the person in our care, members of the family or partners can be supported and shown how to provide care. Aspects of care which could be provided:

  • Feeding
  • Washing
  • Oral care
  • Use of protective clothing
  • Preparation for leaving hospital
  • Changing disposable equipment and medication administration

Caring can be a tiring and an emotional time and therefore carers must have enough rest, and for this reason night care is not advised.


The hospital trains a wide range of healthcare professionals. They need to see, talk to and examine real patients to help them learn. We are very grateful to those in our care for helping with this vital aspect of training.

If you do not wish the students to be present while you are examined, please tell the staff. You do not need to explain your decision, this will not affect your care and your wishes will be respected.

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