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Dementia Care: This is me booklet

Dementia This is me Document

The "This is me" is a booklet which has been designed by the Alzheimer's Society with the Royal College of Nursing. It is designed to be filled in by the patient with dementia or their family/ carer ideally before they come into a unfamiliar environment such as hospital.

The information within the booklet is not confidential and should not contain any medical details. Everyone who comes into contact with your relative should be able to read the booklet.

Download the This is me leaflet form the site. If you have not been able to get a "This is me" document before admission, they are available on all wards and in some outpatient areas.

We would encourage you to complete this booklet to help use better understand your relatives dementia and their specific, individual care needs in order to provide the care and support they need while acutely ill in our care.

Things that are important to your relative such as previous occupation and if they need any help eating and drinking should be included. Information about your relative's life can help us to deliver care and communicate more effectively and in a respectful way.

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