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Infant Feeding Support

The Royal United Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust maternity services are committed to providing high quality support for all aspects of infant feeding . We work closely with other NHS providers and voluntary services to ensure you get the support you need to feed your baby. This web page will give you:

  • Information about the support you can expect from us
  • Links to resources that we recommended
  • During pregnancy you will have a full discussion about caring for and feeding your baby, including the benefits of breastfeeding. This will provide you with all the facts you need to make an informed decision about feeding your baby.
  • You will be given your baby to hold against your skin straight after they are born.
  • A midwife will offer to help you to start breastfeeding in the first half hour or so after your baby is born.
  • Your baby will be kept with you at all times.

If you decide to breastfeed:

If you decide to bottle feed:

  • Staff will support you. They will ask if you want to be taught to make up a bottle properly and will answer any questions you have.

The Essential Guide to Breastfeeding

This leaflet, developed by mums for mums by Real Baby Milk, is full of useful information. It is given to all pregnant women who are cared for by the Trust. If you live in BANES or Somerset your health visitor will give you a copy at your antenatal appointment with her, if you live in Wiltshire your midwife will give you a copy at your 36-weeks appointment.
It is also available to download here.

Specialist support for infant feeding

If you are having difficulties with feeding that are not resolving with usual midwifery care, you are welcome to contact the infant feeding specialist for additional help and support up until your baby is 28 days old.

Your feedback is very welcome. If you have received support from the specialist support or tongue tie team we would appreciate it if you could answer a short questionnaire for us:

If you have more general feedback about feeding support, please email Sally Tedstone directly on the email address above.

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