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Our Team

The Maternity matrons are available to support our midwifery and obstetric team and uphold the high standards of care given.

The midwives that work between the Day Assessment Unit, Bath Birthing Centre and Mary Ward are skilled in the care of women with any concerns or complications in their pregnancy, women in labour, women after birth and the newborn.

Community midwives work across various areas looking after women and their families from conception, to birth and during the postnatal period. They facilitate appointments and births at home and in the Birthing Centres.

Through the Better births initiative, we have created our Continuity of Care Teams. These teams work together in small numbers to ensure you have continuity throughout your pregnancy, birth and aftercare.

The Maternity Support workers are skilled members of the maternity team, there to support you and the midwives in all aspects of care.

Some of our midwives have specialised in different aspects of midwifery for example; Infant feeding support midwife, Diabetic midwife, Safeguarding Midwife, Specialist Mental Health midwife and many more. These midwives are there to support those woman with more specific needs.

The inclusion midwife will get in touch with women and birthing people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds to address health inequalities.

Our obstetric team are dedicated to providing excellent care to women who have pre-existing conditions that may complicate pregnancy and to women who develop any complications during pregnancy, birth or the postnatal period. The obstetric team have skills in many different specialisms allowing for individualised care plans.

Our anaesthetic team are dedicated to providing the best care for women requiring extra analgesia, or surgical procedures.

The Paediatric team are there to help any babies that require a higher level of care. They work on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) but come to Bath Birthing Centre when needed.

We have a skilled theatre team that assist the doctors during elective and emergency procedures.

We have a wonderful team of cleaners, porters; who transport both service users and medical equipment around the hospital and admin staff, such as our friendly receptionists.

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