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Inclusion Midwife

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Recent national research shows that there are health inequalities for women and birthing people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic background in maternity.

At the RUH, the inclusion midwife role has been introduced to address these health inequalities.

Michelle Grace, Inclusion Midwife Michelle Grace, who has been appointed to the role, said: "I feel privileged to be taking up this role, which has been created because it is so essential - the data speaks for itself.

At its core, this role is about making connections with people, ensuring they feel safe and supported to voice their concerns to me, without judgement or discrimination."

All women and birthing people from Black, Asian and Minority ethnic backgrounds will be offered to be contacted by the inclusion midwife, who will provide a safe space for people to discuss their care and any concerns they may have. From the many experiences shared, themes will be surfaced, which in turn will lead to an action plan for positive change.

To get in contact please use the email address below:

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