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Patients & Visitors


What to Bring with You

We suggest that you bring the following things with you to your appointment

  • Your appointment letter or appointment card
  • Information about you
  • Medicines and allergy treatments
  • Question you may have

Your appointment letter

That’s the letter sent to you. It contains detailed information, including the date of your appointment and where to go when you arrive.

Information about you

The hospital staff will already have details about your condition, but they will need the following information about you:

  • Your personal details, including your address and full postcode and date of birth
  • Your home address if this is different from where you are currently living
  • Your GP’s address and telephone number

Medicines and allergy treatments

We’ll need to see information about any medicines you’re currently taking, including those for any allergies.

We’ll need to know the names of the medication, what you’re taking it for and how often you take it. Include everything – tablets, injections, liquids, creams, inhalers and eye drops.

Don’t forget to include any products bought from a pharmacy, supermarket or the internet, including homeopathic or herbal remedies.

We need to compile a complete record of all the medicines you’re taking, so that we can best plan any treatment you may need.

Questions you may have

Think about any questions you’d like to ask your doctor about your treatment – for example, ‘What treatment options do I have?’ ‘What will the treatment or procedure involve?’ ‘How will I feel after my treatment?’ ‘When will I be able to resume normal activities?’.

You may find it helpful to write your questions down and bring the list with you to your appointment.

We have anticipated some questions you may have in our section:

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