Patients & Visitors


After your Appointment

How do I get my prescription?

If the doctor prescribes new or different medication, he/she will either write and inform your GP or give you a prescription to take to the hospital pharmacy, which you can find in the Atrium (close to the main reception (open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm).

The standard prescription fee will be charged unless you are exempt from charges. If you are exempt, please provide proof – for example, an exemption certificate.

Hospital pharmacy prescriptions are not valid for dispensing by your local community pharmacist and you should therefore collect your prescription items before you leave the hospital.

Follow-up appointments

If you need to come back for follow-up care, an appointment will usually be made before you leave the clinic, if you need to be seen within 6 weeks. If not, we’ll send you a letter to invite you back.

I’m an overseas visitor – will I have to pay for my treatment?

Yes, the NHS charges overseas patients, unless they are exempt. Clinic staff or the Private and Overseas Patient Coordinator (Telephone 01225 824921) can advise you about this.

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