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Patients & Visitors


When to contact us

When to contact your Midwife or the hospital:

  • If you think your labour has started and you are having contractions regularly.
  • If your waters have broken.
  • If you have any fresh blood loss.
  • If you have any severe abdominal pain.
  • If your baby's movements slow down or stop.

Making a birth plan

Please look at the NHS choices website for more details:
If you have any concerns, please feel free to ring your local maternity unit for advice 24/7. When you ring we will ask for your personal details.

If it's your support person calling they will need to know your personal details so we can access your information to best advise you, we will also need to speak to you directly at some point during the conversation.

You may be asked to come in - so please ask where you need to go.

In Labour

When you are at your chosen place of birth and ready to stay, you will be cared for by a Midwife. The Midwife will assess how your labour is progressing and advise you on the next steps. Your support person may stay with you. Please discuss your birth preferences or any particular wishes you have regarding your labour with the midwife.

In your bag when you attend in labour or at home you will need:

  • Your handheld Maternity Records (the orange book)
  • Two packets of maternity size sanitary towels
  • Bath towels
  • Baby clothes including disposable nappies and cotton wool
  • Clothes and toiletries for yourself
  • Snacks and refreshments that you and your support person may like

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