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Hip Fracture Management

Physio and Occupational Therapy

Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy will aim to begin the day after your operation. It includes provision of exercises, increasing walking daily with an aid and if required stairs assessments.

Your therapist will teach you how to complete daily tasks that initially you may find a bit more difficult. You can try follow our helpful prompts and guidance.

Whilst in hospital you will work with the nursing staff daily to continue practising your mobility and increasing independence with daily tasks.


It is important to begin your exercise programme immediately after surgery to regain movement, strength and ability to walk.

The exercises should be performed several times a day. It is likely that initially you will feel stiff and sore. This will reduce with the more you get moving and doing regular exercises. You can increase the amount you are doing over time as pain allows.

Please follow the links below to view recommended exercises.

To be performed at least three-times-a-day for 10 repetitions of each exercise:

These are to be performed 3-5 times a day once able to stand.

Please see the further information page for links to guides in progression of exercises post hip fracture surgery.

Scared of falling again?

Please see the further information page for links to guides in falls prevention in your local area.

Returning to Activities of Daily Life

Hip fractures can have a big impact on your usual ability to stay as active as you were.

Looking after yourself can often involves movements and activities that may have become more of a struggle since you had your fracture. For example bending down, lifting heavier items and standing for longer may now cause problems.

The following suggestions on this leaflets below will explain how you can lessen these problems.

Additionally please click on the following link to access information on services in your local area.

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