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Patients & Visitors

Hip Fracture Management

After surgery

Pain Relief

Acute Pain

Fracture pain can be acute (intense) for around eight to twelve weeks whilst your fracture is healing and then it should gradually improve over time.

Please read the following information leaflet about how you could potentially work with your GP to find a medication that works best for you.

Please contact your GP if your pain is worsening and persisting longer than above.

We do not recommend the use of anti inflammatory medication such as Ibuprofen of Diclofenac for individuals over 74 years or with any stomach acid issues.

Chronic (ongoing) Pain

If your pain symptoms are not resolving over 3 months this should be discussed this with your GP.


Delirium is a new confusion which is usually temporary and can occur after a broken hip or any operation on an older person, especially if they already have difficulties with their memory.

Please see below for links that made aid you and provide some reassurance:

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