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Patients & Visitors

Hip Fracture Management

Admission to hospital

How long will I be in hospital for?

Following your surgery the multidisciplinary team will be working with you to get you out of hospital as quick and safely as possible.

The length of stay will depend on how quickly you are recovering and if you have any additional needs to enable your discharge home. These needs will be determined and managed by your therapy team. Please ask them if you have any queries or concerns.

What can I expect?

Moving around initially will cause some discomfort. Whilst in hospital it is important to communicate with the nursing staff if you are in pain to keep on top of your pain medications.

It is important to keep moving and to keep increasing your walking distance to get the best outcomes. Most patients will be able to put their full weight through their operated leg immediately after the operation. If this is not the case, your multidisciplinary team will advise you on this.

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