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Hip Fracture Management

Diagram showing types of hip fracture

What is a hip fracture

A hip fracture is when the top of your thigh bone, by your hip joint, breaks. This is usually from a trauma like a fall, and a break is much more likely if your bones have become weaker (usually due osteoporosis).

Please follow the link below for information on what a hip fracture is from the Royal College of Physicians.

Hip fracture surgery

If the break is close to the ball part of the joint, the surgeon may also consider doing a half-hip replacement (hemiarthroplasty).
This is where the surgeon replaces the ball part of the joint inserted on a stem into the top of the femur bone.
Hemiarthroplasty Diagram

Dynamic Hip Screw
If the break is below the ball of the joint there is a good blood supply for healing in that area so we can fix this with a screw & plate called Dynamic Hip Screw. The surgeon places a large metal screw across the fracture and secures the bones together using a plate and a number of smaller screws.
Dynamic Hip Screw Diagram

Intermedullary Nail Fixation
If the break is below the joint or at the top of the femur (thigh bone), this may be fixed by inserted a longer rod. The surgeon places a large metal nail or rod from the top of the hip down through the femur. The bottom of the nail may then be secured with a screw.
Intermedullary Nail Fixation Diagram

Total Hip Replacement
If the break is close to the ball part of the joint we may recommend a total hip replacement. In a total hip replacement, the surgeon replaces both the ball and socket part of the joint. This option will depend on how active you are usually, and your individual needs.
Total Hip Replacement Diagram

Other information about hip fracture can be found here:
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