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Patients & Visitors



Getting here & Finding Us

Car parking is limited and if you intend to drive to the hospital, parking may be quite difficult when you arrive.  Don't worry if you are late because of parking, we will wait for you.

Please bring change with you for parking as not all the meters issue change.

It may therefore be worth considering alternatives such as using public transport or asking a friend or relative to drop you at the hospital and collect you later. 

Patients who claim certain benefits may be entitled to help with travel costs.  Please ask at the hospital's main reception for details.

Patients who require medical care during their journey may have hospital transport arranged by their General Practitioner.

Finding Us

The Antenatal clinic

There are two entrances to the princess Anne wing. They are about 40m apart. The easiest way to the antenatal clinic is through the entrance labelled D7

The reception to the clinic is immediately on the left as you enter the Princess Anne Wing through the door labelled "Entrance to department D7 only ";

Gynaecology Clinic

The clinic area is in Zone D3 of the Princess Anne wing of the RUH. You can get to this from the lower (southern) entrance on Combe Park road (Gate 2). It is just below the main hospital entrance with traffic lights and is signposted "A&E ambulances only" and "PAW" (Princess Anne wing).  It is past the Accident and Emergency department.

  1. Arrive at the entrance of the Princess Anne wing (entrance 2), pass through the double sliding doors.
  2. Walk through the double sliding doors. The antenatal clinics down on the corridor that is immediately on your right.  The labour ward is 50 paces through the doors and on the left. The gynaecology clinics are 10 paces past the labour ward and you turn right at the next corridor. The yellow signs hung from the ceiling point to the outpatients, ultrasound and colposcopy.
  3. Turn right to walk down this corridor to get to the gynaecology clinic and ultrasound reseption. You should see a reception desk at the end of this corridor.
  4. Give your appointment card to the receptionist or leave it on her desk. The waiting area is just to the right.

Infertility Clinic

The Infertility Clinic is housed in Building 10, which is at the Sourt West corner of the campus, next to the Forbs Fraser building.

Anaesthetic & Preoperative Clinic Clinic

Women scheduled for possible surgery need an assessment to plan the procedure in the Preoperative Assessment Unit