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Obstetric & Gynaecological Service

Obstetrics and gynaecology (Obs & Gynae) are the two surgical–medical specialties dealing with the female reproductive organs. Obstetrics is also called Maternity Care and deals with pregnancy. Gynaecology deals with the female reproductive organs outside pregnancy or when a pregnancy has failed. They are combined into a single medical specialty to cover conditions involving female reproductive organs, pregnant and non-pregnant.

What Obstetric and Gynaecology services are available at the Royal United Hospital?

We provide emergency, general and specialist services for most Obstetric and Gynaecological conditions. It is a level 3 service meaning we are a tertiary hospital with every facility for 24 hour care. This includes consultant availability, advanced intensive care and neonatal care facilities, in-house resident surgeon/obstetrician/ and specialist maternity anaesthesiologists.

We have the most advanced equipment and a full complement of staff in all areas.

Some complex services are shared and supported by Bristol hospitals. The infertility service rank amongst some of the best for success in the UK; the neonatal unit has top ranking statistics; the cancer service has consistently had the some of the best cancer survival figures in the south west; some prolapse and incontinence procedure were pioneered in the RUH; and, one of the most effective treatments for heavy periods was invented in the RUH.

How to access our services

The most efficient way to access our services is through your General Practitioner or midwife. They can get the service that is most appropriate for your needs because they know who to phone or write to.

The NHS requires that you are registered and referred by your GP before you can access non-emergency care. This means that there is no facility to contact an NHS hospital directly. However, this does not apply to emergency care.

  • Women needing an emergency gynaecological assessment can attend the Accident & Emergency department
  • Women who are pregnant and feel they need urgent help should call their midwife or GP for advice
  • Women who think they are in labour can telephone the Labour Ward for advice on 01225 82 4447
  • Women needing an urgent gynaecological consultation should contact their doctor. All local general practitioners and practice nurses have a facility where they can telephone a senior RUH gynaecologist for advice and, if necessary organise an Emergency Clinic appointment
  • Women who are bleeding in early pregnancy should contact their doctor who can organise an emergency scan in the Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic (EPAC)