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Gynaecology: Cancer



The gynaecological oncology specialist service at Royal United Hospital in Bath is dedicated to the treatment of women with cancer of the female genital tract.

We treat cancers of the ovary, womb (uterus), cervix, vagina, vulva, peritoneum, pseudomyxoma peritonei and trophoblastic tissue.

The service is closely linked to the Cancer Centre at St Michael's hospital in Bristol. The joint service represents the largest in the south and west of England and has every facility to provide modern cancer care. The key to quality is the weekly clinical meeting where every case is discussed in detail by experts.

Holistic care and support is provided by nurse specialists. Some people call them nurse navigators because their job will be to look after you through your healthcare journey. This means you always know who to contact when you or your family have questions and you know who will be organising your tests and treatment.

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