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Pre Operative Assessment Unit (Anaesthetic Clinic)


COVID-19 patient information

Isolation prior to elective surgery at the RUH

All patients, and their households, must isolate for 14 days prior to the date of surgery.

Your safety is our first priority. We want to make sure we perform your operation at the best time for you. Therefore it is very important you do not have coronavirus when we perform your operation.

This unit ensures that patients are at their best optimum health prior to any surgery or surgical procedure. 

The clinic can be contacted on:

Clinic Process

When attending this unit patients will see a member of the Healthcare Assistant Team and a Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner as part of their initial assessment.

Generally all patients have a set of observations and then those that require will have an ECG (heart tracing) and bloods and MSU (Mid-stream urine specimen).

Patients will also have a full nursing assessment.

Whilst every effort is made to attempt to get all tests and investigations done on one visit it may be required that patients will need to reattend especially if appointments are outside of the department.

Anaesthetic Clinic

An Anaesthetic clinic is also held from this department every afternoon where any issues can be discussed with an anaesthetist if required.

General Information

Both the nurse assessment clinic and the anaesthetic clinic attempt to answer any questions patients may have but the consultants do not attend these clinics as they are nurse led and most patients will already have had a chance to ask any questions of the person doing their operation.

The clinics run from 8:30am – 4:30pm, Monday to Friday, and patients should be prepared to spend up to 4 hours in the clinic.

Please contact us on 01225 825651 if you need this information in easy read, large print, braille or audio format

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