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About the Ward

Charlotte ward is a female surgical ward specialising in Gynaecology & Breast surgery through a bed base of 22. The ward has four 4 bedded bays and 6 side rooms.

The side rooms are used for specialist care and clinical priority as some of our work covers pregnancy complications up to 22 weeks, infections and palliative care.

We also care for four older persons who have varying nursing needs and are being prepared for discharge back to either home or other community facilities. These patients are looked after by an Older Persons Consultant, Dr Miller.

Our Gynaecology consultants are Mr Walker, Miss Qureshi, Mr Johnson, Miss Ficquet and Mr Sholapurkar.

Our Breast Consultants are Mr El-Wakeel, Miss Laban, Miss Laurence, Mr McIntosh, Mr Sutton, plus breast specialist nurses.

The Nursing team is led by Senior Sister Amy James.

The Matron is Helen Wickett.

We are a teaching ward and regularly have student nurses and return to practice students.

Visiting hours are 11.00am – 8.00pm, 7 days per week. Outside these hours is by permission only. We politely ask that you respect the privacy and dignity of the patients in our care.

  • No flowers as Trust policy
  • Children can visit but under strict supervision only
  • Please do not sit on patients beds as per infection control policy
  • Special dietary requests can be catered for, please ask your nurse
  • Consultant ward rounds happen daily for our surgical ladies and weekly for our OPU patients
  • Mobile phones are allowed on the ward but to be kept on silent
  • E-Cigarettes must not be charged on the ward

We would very like you to enjoy your stay with us and request that if you have any concerns please speak with the nurse in charge.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated by completing our friends and family form prior to discharge.

Ward Location

Charlotte ward is located in RUH Zone D (Princess Anne Wing) on the first floor. It is also called Ward D9.

Ward Layout

Charlotte Ward has 22 beds, which are divided into 4, four-bedded rooms and 6 single side rooms which are used for specific clinical care.

The Ward Team

Consultant Gynaecologists

There are a number of consultant gynaecologists covering Charlotte Ward:

Miss Jo Ficquet
Secretary telephone: 01225 825534

Mr Nick Johnson
Secretary telephone: 01225 824652

Mr Russ Luker / Mr Shashi Sholapurkar
Secretary telephone: 01225 825634

Mr David Walker
Secretary telephone: 01225 824651

Mrs Aysha Qureshi
Secretary telephone: 01225 824655

Consultant Geriatrician

Dr Miller is the Consultant geriatrician who covers the OPU patients on the ward.

The Multi-disciplinary Team

The Senior Sister Helen Wickett is in charge of the overall running of the ward and nursing care.  She has a dedicated team of junior sisters, nurses, healthcare assistants, domestic staff and ward clerks. A dedicated discharge coordinator assists the discharge process.

A team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, mental health liaison officers and social workers also have input into patient care.

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General Ward Information

There is a choice of menu and we also cater for special dietary needs. Meal times are approximately as follows:

  • Breakfast 7:00 am
  • Lunch 12:00 noon
  • Supper 5:30 pm

We serve hot drinks with meals and also mid-morning, mid-afternoon and in the evening. Snack menus are also available.

Personal Belongings

To help keep you comfortable during your stay please bring with you toiletries, nightwear and slippers. We also like to encourage all our patients where possible to dress during the day.

You may need to bring some sanitary towels as it is very common to bleed after gynaecology surgery.

Patients are encouraged not to bring valuables into hospital.

Please note there are no clothes washing facilities on the ward.

Small overnight bag is required only, NO large suitcases please.

Gynaecological Surgery and Early Pregnancy Clinic

At present all gynaecology emergency patients are referred to the Senior House Officer and if they need to be admitted and a bed is available, they are admitted directly onto the ward.

We also run a pre-clerking clinic where all routine patients undergoing surgery are seen by a nurse and a doctor a week before admission. They are assessed and any potential problems identified and dealt with prior to admission.  Please make sure you mention any problems at your appointment.

For patients with problems in early pregnancy (less than 13 weeks), please see the page for the Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic.

Contact the Ward

Reception desk: 01225 824436

Ward contacts: 01225 824434 or 01225 824834

As a patient, if you have a large family, please appoint a spokesperson to keep other members informed of your well-being. For more specific and detailed information the nurses will deal with the enquiry in person.

If you or your relatives would like to speak to any of our medical staff and the patient is happy for you to do so, please inform the nurse and we will arrange an appointment.

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