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Abdomen The part of the body that contains the stomach, bowel and other digestive organs, also known as the tummy
Analgesics Pain relievers / killers
Adjuvant Chemotherapy Chemotherapy given after the main tumour has been removed
Anaesthetist A doctor whose role is to put you to sleep so that you feel no pain during your operation
Anus The outlet of the back passage
Barium Enema A white solution introduced via the anus, enabling visualization of the colon and rectum
Benign A growth which is not cancer or malignant and does not have the ability to spread to other organs
Catheter A flexible tube that allows urine to pass out of the bladder
Chemotherapy Treatment using drugs
Colon The large bowel or intestine
Colorectal Nurse (Specialist) A senior nurse who is an expert at looking after people with large bowel cancer
Diagnosis Determination of the cause of the disease
Faeces Motions, stools, waste products
Immune System Blood cells and vessels in your body which fight infection
Large Intestine Large bowel
Lymph Node A gland like mass of tissue that can filter cancer cells from the lymph fluid
Malignancy A growth which is cancerous and so has the ability to spread to other organs
Metastases The spread of cancer cells to other distant parts of the body by way of the blood or lymph fluid
Oncologist A doctor who specialises in cancer care and prescribes chemotherapy and radiotherapy
Palliative Care Improving quality of life, by providing support and controlling unpleasant symptoms
Pathologist A doctor who specialises in making a diagnosis by examining tissue (cells) under a microscope
Radiologist A doctor who uses scans and X-rays to diagnose and treat disease
Radiotherapy Treatment using X-rays to shrink a cancer
Small Intestine Small bowel, part of which is called the ileum
Stoma An artificial opening in the tummy wall through which stool is passed into a bag
Stoma Care Nurse (Specialist) A senior nurse who is an expert at caring for stomas
Tenesmus A persistent urge to empty the bowel
Tumour Growth, swelling

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