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About the Ward

Ward Layout

The ward has 28 beds, divided into four bays with six beds and four single rooms. There is a small quiet room for patient use.

Meals and Drinks

There is a choice of menu and we also cater for special dietary needs. Meal times are approximately as follows:

  • Breakfast 7.00am
  • Lunch 12.00noon
  • Supper 5.30pm

We serve hot drinks with meals and also mid-morning, mid-afternoon and in the evening.

Personal Belongings

To help keep you comfortable during your stay, we encourage your relatives to check that you have sufficient clothing, slippers, toiletries and towels, etc.

Patients are encouraged not to bring valuables into hospital.

Please note there are no clothes washing facilities on the ward.

Avoid bringing white towels.

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Contact the Ward

General Enquiries:

01225 825477
01225 825476

Pay Phone is available for outgoing calls.

As a patient, if you have a large family, please appoint a spokesperson to keep other members informed of your well-being. For more specific and detailed information the nurses will deal with the enquiry in person.

If you or your relatives would like to speak to any of our medical staff and the patient is happy for you to do so, please inform the nurse and we will arrange an appointment.

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The Care Team

Philip Yeoman Ward accepts Othopaedic patients for elective surgery. Most patients come to the ward for hip and knee replacement surgery.

The nursing staff are divided into two teams, each team looks after the patients in two bays and two rooms. Physiotherapists and Occupational therapists are part of the multidisciplinary team who are based on the ward. Please ask any member of the team if you need more information.

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