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What to expect

Routine appointments

Below are the routine appointments where we need to see you for specific check-ups.

We will always personalise your care, if required, to meet yours and your baby's physical and emotional needs.

You can contact us 24/7 for advice and support.

Uncomplicated birth:
Postnatal Timetable
A birth with complications:
Postnatal Timetable
Home within 3 to 6 hours (or midwife has left your home) In hospital until fit for discharge
Home visit / appointment on the first day at home to complete the NIPE within the 72 hour window. Individual care plan based on your needs. However NIPE still needs completing within 72hrs and the newborn screening still needs completing on day 5.
Contact on day 3
Day 5 appointment for Newborn Screening
Day 7 contact (if required)
Day 10+ for discharge from maternity services to your health visitor.

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