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Bath Supraregional Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) Service for Adults and Children


About the TSC Service

Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) is a genetic condition that causes mainly non-cancerous (benign) tumours to develop in different parts of the body. It affects one baby in every 6,000 births in the UK.  TSC causes a spectrum of disease and the outlook for people with TSC can vary considerably. It is vital that people with TSC are looked after by a specialist team to screen for and manage complications of TSC.

Why choose us?

The Bath TSC Clinic is dedicated to looking after people with TSC in a holistic manner. This means that we are uniquely able to deal with many aspects of care for both children and adults. It is important that patients with TSC are seen regularly by a TSC clinic, to ensure that the highest standard of safe and effective care is delivered.

We accept referrals from across the UK and overseas, providing a specialist and expert service for our patients. We are the oldest and largest TSC clinic in the country. The clinic was originally founded by Professor John Osborne in the early 1990s. We aim to see our patients on an annual basis and seek to work as closely as possible with your local health care team, as well as any other agencies involved in your care.

Our team has unparalleled expertise and specialist knowledge in looking after children and adults with TSC . We have a strong, proud tradition of research in Bath and many of our patients have been part of pioneering trials for new treatments for TSC.

Uniquely, we are able to offer topical sirolimus ointment to help treat facial angiofibromas (a common facial rash in TSC), which has shown to be a safe and effective treatment.

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