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Council of Governors

About the Council of Governors

Our Council of Governors is made up of 21 elected and appointed Governors. They include Public Governors, Staff Governors and Stakeholder Governors. Their role is to provide the link between the Trust and the local community, to ensure that the views of the local people are heard and fed back to the Board of Directors.

Governors do not undertake operational management of the Trust; rather they collectively hold the Board of Directors to account for the Trust's performance and advise on its future development.

Through the Council of Governors, our Members are given a greater say in the development of the hospital and can have a direct influence in the development of services within the hospital.

Our Governors welcome the opinion of our members and the public in relation to our forward plans. Governors are your voice and if you would like to share any views or comments regarding our forward plans or if you have any other ideas and suggestions, you can contact Governors via e-mail at

Representing your community

Our Public Governors represent the six constituencies surrounding the RUH, including:

  • City of Bath
  • North East Somerset
  • South Wiltshire
  • North Wiltshire
  • Mendip
  • Rest of England and Wales

Have a look at our constituency map here:

Constituency map

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