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City of Bath

Mike Midgley

Mike Midgley I am really pleased to have been re-elected as a Governor to represent the people of Bath. I have been a Governor for three years and an NHS dentist in Bath for the last 27 years and I am keen to ensure the RUH maintains its excellent level of service to the community and is fully prepared to face future challenges.

I am looking forward to continuing to meet with members at Caring for You events and Constituency meetings and am always happy to hear your concerns, help to resolve any issues and pass on any positive feedback. I will also continue to raise concerns with the Non-Executive Directors and ensure that member views are taken into account by the Board of Directors.

North East Somerset

Suzanne Harris

I'm really pleased to have been elected as Governor, I have an awareness of what people want from the Trust and I am prepared to work hard and speak up for the people of North East Somerset. I have been a board member for a variety of organisations and am pleased to be able to put my experience in board processes and procedures to good use.

I believe the NHS needs to balance the high tech innovations that save lives in emergencies with patient experience and work to prevent illness and catch conditions whilst they are simpler and cheaper to treat. The RUH has always been part of my life and I want to help it to thrive and provide the support we want for ourselves and the people we love.
Melanie Hilton

I am delighted to be representing the residents of North East Somerset. I care deeply about the issues facing the RUH, its staff and the NHS and am honoured to have received your votes. This is a fantastic opportunity and I will put the wealth of experience and expertise that I have gained from senior positions that I have held in general and mental health nursing to good use in voicing your views.


John Osman

I am really pleased to be the next Governor for Mendip, I have first-hand experience of the excellent services provided by the RUH and its staff and am glad to have the opportunity to give something back to the hospital.

As a solicitor I have represented several NHS Trusts on financial, service and negligence issues. I was also the leader of Somerset County Council for 5 years and was responsible for the Council's revenue and capital budgets whilst being actively involved in creating a partnership between the Council and hospitals in Somerset. I am really looking forward to using my experience to benefit the hospital and its patients.
Anne Martin

Anne Martin I am very pleased to have been re-elected as a Governor for Mendip. I have an active interest in healthcare provision for Somerset, particularly for those in Mendip and will continue to follow plans for the future with emphasis on primary care, healthy living and the prevention of chronic conditions.

I will work to maintain a knowledge of both the healthcare plans for Somerset and the RUH because Mendip patients are served by both. I am looking forward to continuing to encourage both healthcare providers and patients to work responsibly together to meet the needs of the rural population of Mendip District. I have been a patient at the RUH and the Min for years, but it is as a Governor that I have come to both know and appreciate the huge efforts made by so many people, in so many different capacities and I am pleased to be able to contribute to that effort as a Governor for another three years.

North Wiltshire

Peter Buttle

I am a retired Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer, volunteering with Healthwatch Wiltshire and the South West Clinical Senate Citizens' Assembly where I regularly take part in deliberations around medical conundrums. I have done presentations to the Clinical Senate on Living with long term Mental Health issues and am a member of the Wiltshire Mental Health Open Forum hosted by Healthwatch Wiltshire.

As part of my degrees I studied Medical Electronics at the University of Bath and continue to have an interest in medical imaging. I have presented to the British Institute of Radiology on Big Data and medical images. I am currently involved with Prostate Cancer research at Exeter University. I look forward to representing the views of the North Wiltshire Constituents at the RUH Trust.
Peter McCowen

I am really pleased to have been elected as one of your new Governors for North Wiltshire and am keen to represent your interests. I have experience of many aspects of the RUH and have benefitted greatly from the excellent services it provides.

I am a retired organisational psychologist with experience working in many large organisations to enable people at all levels to flourish. I am keen to contribute towards the improved integration of the Trust's many services so that there is a more co-ordinated response to patient needs, in particular, relating to the discharge of the elderly and families who care for physically or mentally ill relatives.

South Wiltshire

Horace Prickett
Gill Little

I am delighted to have been elected by you as Governor for South Wiltshire. I have had a long career in healthcare and have an ongoing love of caring and promoting health in the population and ensuring the efficient delivery of healthcare.

As a Governor I will use the knowledge I have gained of caring at grass roots level combined with my understanding of the costs associated with the responsibility of providing healthcare to guide the Trust and its Directors and ensure the patient always remains firmly centre stage. I will also actively seek out the opinion of South Wiltshire members and extend awareness for our local population and will work to increase membership of the RUH to promote a feeling of belonging.

Rest of England & Wales


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