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Your First Appointment

The Royal United Hospital is a specialist treatment centre. You will be required to see a Clinical Oncologist. This is the doctor responsible for your care. He or she will prescribe your radiotherapy treatment.

The doctor will ask you to sign a consent form. This is a written record that you have agreed to the planned radiotherapy.

Before you can give your consent, your doctor will discuss with you what the radiotherapy is likely to involve, the benefits and risks, and any available alternative treatments.

You may also be given some written information to back up what you've been told.

It is important that you understand the information you have been given – ask questions if you don't understand or if you want more information.

Your doctor will write the main benefits and risks associated with the radiotherapy on the consent form before you sign it.

If you are of child bearing age you will be advised to avoid becoming pregnant for the duration of any treatment. You must inform the doctors or radiographers if there is any chance you may be pregnant and we will ask you to perform a pregnancy test.

You will be sent an appointment to attend pre-treatment planning.

If suitable your Oncologist may ask you to take part in a clinical trial.

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