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Patients & Visitors



Finishing your treatment

When you attend for your final radiotherapy treatment a radiographer will advise you of the arrangements for your follow-up appointment with the doctor. The appointment will usually be posted to your home address before you finish your course of radiotherapy.

Should you not receive this appointment please contact:

Radiotherapy reception: 01225 824853
7:45am - 3:45pm


Any side effects that you may be experiencing will continue for up to 14 days after the treatment and may even get a little worse for a period of time before they gradually improve. It is advisable to continue with skincare routines until any side effects have resolved.

You may continue to feel some tiredness and lethargy so it is advisable to rest when required. Gentle exercise has been shown to improve patient's feelings of tiredness.

You may feel anxious once you have finished radiotherapy treatment. You may have been attending the department every day for a number of weeks. This change in routine can make you feel low. Don't worry, this is perfectly normal, and gradually you should start to feel things returning to normal.

PocketMedic® have produced some patient information videos, available at (Life after Cancer).

If you are worried we advise you contact:

  • Radiotherapy Reception - 01225 824853
  • Your GP
  • Your Clinical Nurse Specialist (if appropriate)
  • Your Clinical Oncologist