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Patients & Visitors



First Day of Treatment

When you arrive in the Radiotherapy Department (A29) you will need to check in with the reception staff and you will be directed to the waiting area where a member of the radiotherapy team will come to talk to you. You are welcome to bring a family member or friend into this discussion if you wish.

Any specific instructions you need to follow for your treatment appointment will be detailed in your letter, or may have been explained to you by a radiographer at your previous visit or during a telephone conversation. Please ensure you follow any instructions you have been given to avoid delays to your treatment.

Upon arrival a radiographer will explain the procedure, discuss any side effects of the treatment and give you a current list of appointments if you have not already received them. We will try to accommodate an appointment time that suits you wherever possible. You will usually receive all your appointments at the same time to allow you to plan ahead. If you are staying in hospital, the radiographers will arrange your treatment times with the ward staff.

The radiographer will also give you a bar code scan card and explain how to use our self-check in service. It is important that you don't miss any appointments. If you can't attend your appointment for any reason, please let the radiographers know in advance if possible as some treatment regimes can be affected by missed treatments. We may, in some circumstances, need to treat you twice in one day or on the weekend.

During your first day discussion you will be asked to confirm your name, address and date of birth and to provide a telephone number if we do not already have one. The radiographer will ask your permission to take your photograph to aid patient identification within the department. The images are protected by our confidentiality policy. You will also be asked to confirm that that you are still happy to proceed with radiotherapy and a copy of your consent form, signed on your initial visit, will be given to you.

For female patients it is important to inform the radiographer if there is a possibility that you may be pregnant.

If you have a pacemaker please inform the radiographer so that we can ensure the necessary arrangements have been made to check your device with the Cardiac Centre.

The RUH is a teaching hospital so your team may include a student radiographer. Please tell us if you don't want a student present during your clinic or treatment appointment.

You will be given a printed information sheet outlining the procedure and side effects. Your radiographer will answer any questions that you may have.

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