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Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials are research studies into new types of medical care or combinations of medical care. Trials can be diverse. For instance, they may explore the biological, psychological or financial effects of a new treatment or they may focus on the prevention or diagnosis of an illness.

The development of clinical trials in cancer care is extremely important as a means of exploring and deciding on the most effective and efficient means of treating cancer. This is particularly important in the light of the multitude of new drugs and treatments which are constantly being developed.

The Clinical Trials Team co-ordinates and supports both national and in-house Oncology and Haematology clinical research studies for clinicians involved in cancer care at the Royal United Hospital NHS Trust.

The trials team consists of 4 full time Clinical Trials Nurses, 2 full time Clinical Trials Officers, 1 full time Clinical Trials Co-ordinator and a Clinical Trials Administrator.

The team ensures that people who are involved in research studies have relevant information, support during and after treatment and the necessary follow-up appointments. They also ensure that Clinical Trials are organised and approved according to national regulations and guidelines and that the information collected in processed correctly to give accurate findings.

If you are eligible for a study that they are running, a member of the Clinical Trials Team will discuss it with you in detail. Participation is voluntary, and if you decide not to participate, this will not influence your treatment in any way.

The Trials team are situated in an office within the Oncology and Haematology Outpatients Department, RUH, North.

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