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Patients & Visitors



Air Pollution and Pregnancy

Amenity Beds

Antenatal handexpressing

Antenatal perineal massage

Antipsychotic medication & pregnancy


Bladder diary


Breastfeeding and Diabetes

Breastfeeding - Effects of giving formula to a breastfed baby

Breath and Pelvic Floor Strengthening

Breastfeeding - When breastfeeding is getting off to a slow start

Breastfeeding - When breastfed babies lose more weight than average

Cannabis in pregnancy

Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) aftercare

Depression and medication in pregnancy

Diaphragmatic Breathing

External Cephalic Version (ECV) – your questions answered

Epilepsy in pregnancy

First Trimester Screening Clinic

Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT)

Induction of Labour

Induction of Labour after a Caesarean Section

Intravenous Iron Therapy

Multiple Pregnancy

Obstetric Cholestasis Care

Pelvic Floor Exercises (leaflet)

Pelvic girdle pain and pregnancy related conditions

Postnatal Pain Relief

Postnatal care of your stitches

Postnatal Care

Pre-eclampsia blood test

Pregnancy Care

Pregnant women with experience of a serious mental health condition

Pre-labour Rupture of Membranes at Term

Pre-term Pre-labour Rupture of Membranes

Protecting your baby from low blood glucose

Refusal of Blood and Blood Products

Regaining your fitness after giving birth

Relaxing the Pelvic Floor

Rhesus Negative Blood Group Information

Slings, using on Mary Ward

Supporting your child's health and wellbeing

Third and Fourth Degree Tears During Childbirth

Tongue Tie

Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome

Unstable hips in Babies

Vaginal Birth after a Caesarean Section (VBAC)

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