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Appointments and visiting during COVID-19

Maternity services at the RUH (and our associated Birth Centres Frome and Chippenham including our Home Birth Service), are still here and open for business. If you have any concerns or questions about you and/or your baby's health, please do not delay contacting your local maternity unit.

The infection rates for COVID-19 continue to rise and we are seeing an increasing number of people admitted to hospital with COVID-19. Our priority is to keep you, your baby and your family safe as well as our staff. As a result, we have made the difficult decision to temporarily restrict a support person attending some maternity appointments as follows:


A support person will not be able to attend appointments taking place in the Day Assessment Unit (DAU) at the RUH as we are not able to make the area COVID safe and maintain adequate social distancing at all times.

Your support person will be able to support you through labour and birth and we aim to facilitate a stay of up to 3 hours after the birth of your baby. However, if your support person leaves during your labour, they will not be able to return. Therefore it's important that they have enough food/snacks/nicotine replacement therapy etc to sustain them.

No changes. Your support person can continue to attend your 12 and 20 week scan.


Visiting is from 11am until 2pm for your support person only. They MUST wear a face covering at all times and remain by your bed space. There are no toilet facilities at present for support people.

Children are not able to attend any appointments or the postnatal ward.

Testing and flu vaccinations

We are currently looking at how we can provide COVID testing for your support person to minimise risk and keep everyone as safe as we can.

We still have flu vaccines available for pregnant women/birthing people. Please contact your local maternity unit to book an appointment if you have not had your flu vaccine yet.

Keeping you safe during COVID-19

Please consider whether your support person needs to attend your maternity appointment. You and your support partner must wear a face covering (unless you are in labour, although your support person MUST keep their face covering on) and your support person must maintain social distancing at all times.

We are unable to permit the use of any telephones or face time at any clinical appointments as this may distract from the clinical examination. You can give anonymous feedback via Maternity Voices Partnership survey.

We are sorry that we have had to introduce these new measures. Thank you for understanding and for helping us to protect your baby, your family and our staff so that we can continue to care and support you during this time.

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