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Eye Outpatients


About the Department

We are a busy department seeing both booked and emergency eye patients.

The Clinic

How often
These are run daily (weekdays) by the medical team, nurses, optometrist and orthoptist. You will require a referral from your optometrist of GP.

Emergency Appointments
We do not offer a 'walk-in' emergency or casualty service. If you have an acute problem, then please arrange to see your optician or GP. They can then treat you, and if necessary, refer you to the department.

If you have had an accident or the situation is an emergency, then you will need to attend the Emergency Department (A&E). The staff will see and treat you, and decide whether or not you need to be referred to the department.

From 9am – 5pm

Appointments & Reception
If you cannot attend your appointment or need to talk to our reception staff, please contact them on 01225 824602.

If you wish to speak to a nurse for advice regarding your treatment, please telephone 01225 824403.

The Team

Comprises six Consultants, Junior Doctors, Nurses, Optometrists, Orthoptists and Reception Staff.

The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) have an Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO) at the RUH who works alongside health professionals to offer support and advice to blind and partially sighted people on a range of areas. These include independent living, returning to work, benefit entitlements, emotional support, and coping at home.

Heidi can be contacted by phone or email:

To find out more information about ECLOs, please visit RNIB's website:

You may be required to prepare for your appointment

Please bring any spectacles you use to the clinic, because all patients will have their distance vision recorded. Other tests may be performed before you see the specialist.

Please be aware that we may need to put drops into your eyes to widen the pupil and these will blur your vision. We therefore advise you to never drive immediately following an eye appointment.

Patient Information

About Magnifiers


Eye Drops


Hot drinks are provided by a visiting Friends volunteer, and chilled water is available from our water cooler. We have a small play area for children.

Volunteers from the Bath and Wansdyke Society for the Blind and Partially Sighted attend some clinics to provide support and advice regarding community services and aids for independent living.


First Floor, Zone B

Travel arrangements

Hospital transport is limited and reserved only for those who have no other means. We therefore ask that, wherever possible, you make your own arrangements. The Odd Down Park and Ride is available for patients from the south of Bath. Information for both is available from the reception in the Atrium and our "finding us" web page.

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