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About the Orthoptic Department

We are a small but busy department based within the eye clinic. Orthoptists investigate, diagnose and treat visual problems and eye movement disorders such as lazy eye (amblyopia), squints, defective binocular vision and double vision (diplopia).

Many of our patients will be children who we treat and assess whilst their vision is still developing (up to the age of 7) but we do assess children of any age for a variety of binocular vision problems. Adults attend our clinic as they can develop ocular motility problems resulting in diplopia or other ocular symptoms.

Specialist services by the Orthoptic department at Royal United Hospital Bath include the assessment and management of stroke patients. These patients are referred via the stroke team at the RUH and the community services with suspected visual problems.

The Orthoptic department also provides a service for children with specific learning difficulties with visual symptoms such as visual stress.

The orthoptic department actively contributes to research including the on-going VISION stroke research trial, in order to ensure that high quality patient care is consistently provided.

Orthoptic clinics are held for paediatric patients at Royal United Hospital Bath, Chippenham Community Hospital, Frome Community Hospital, Trowbridge Community Hospital and Warminster Community Hospital.

Adult patients are assessed at Royal United Hospital Bath. Patients can be referred direct to our service from GPs, health visitors, opticians or occupational therapists.

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