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Clinical Imaging and Measurement


About the Service

Clinical Imaging and Measurement provides a service that includes diagnostic imaging, in-vitro studies, non-imaging studies and some therapies.

These involve the patient being given a small amount of radioactive tracer linked to a pharmaceutical that will be taken up by the organs of interest. This tracer is normally given intravenously although some may be given orally.

The majority of our workload is diagnostic imaging. After the radioactive tracer is administered there is usually a delay while the tracer gets to the area of interest and then the patient is scanned using one of our gamma cameras.

We also provide imaging such as bone mineral densitometry (DXA scanning), as well as more specialist tests including infra-red thermography, capillaroscopy and physiological measurements to best meet the needs of our patients.

We are also involved in a number of research projects across the range of specialities within our Trust. We have close links with the University of Bath and the University of the West of England. Recent research areas include microvascular function in connective tissue disease, imaging in localised scleroderma, mechanisms of complex regional pain syndrome and assistive technology for stroke patients.

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