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About the ENT Department

We provide services for patients in the catchment areas of Bath and Wiltshire with ENT disorders. As well as running clinics at the Royal United Hospital, we also provide services at Frome, Chippenham, Trowbridge, Devizes, Warminster and Shepton Mallet hospitals.

Approximately 6,000 patients are seen per year in both outpatient and inpatient settings. In addition we carry out close to 2,000 operations. We diagnose and treat elective and emergency cases which may require medical and / or surgical management.

Outpatient clinics are run in conjunction with the Audiology Department who perform hearing assessments and also fit and maintain hearing aids. We also have close links with hearing therapists and speech & language therapists based at St Martins Hospital.

Second floor, Zone C

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Your ENT Outpatient Appointment

What to expect from your Outpatient Clinic appointment

  • You will have been seen by your GP or in A&E before attending the Outpatients department.
  • On arrival, please check in with the receptionist prior to taking a seat in the waiting room.
  • You will be called through to see a member of the ENT team. On occasion, due to unforeseen complexity of patient problems you may not be seen at your allocated appointment time – if this occurs please be patient, you will be seen as soon as possible.
  • You will be seen by a member of the ENT team, not necessarily the consultant whose name is on the clinic.
  • If your problem is of a complex nature it may be necessary to consult another member of the team for advice.
  • You may require further tests including blood tests, x-rays, or scans – you may need a follow-up appointment either in hospital or at your GP surgery for the results of these tests.
  • If your problem requires an operation this will be explained to you and your name will be put on the waiting list – you will receive the date for your operation by post.
  • You may be required to visit Surgical Short Stay after your clinic appointment if your operation is a Day Case procedure.
  • If the doctor requests that you attend for a further follow-up appointment, please make this appointment at reception prior to leaving the clinic.

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Patient Information Leaflets


Grommets - Adult

Cholesteatoma - Surgery for

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Pinnaplasty (surgery for prominent ears)

Vestibular Schwannoma

Vestibular Schwannoma (Bristol)


Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Manipulation of Fractured Nose

Nasal Polypectomy

Nasal Septoplasty



Throat and Head & Neck:

Globus Pharyngeus



Parathyroid Surgery


Pharyngeal Pouch Repair

Throat Clearing

Thyroid Surgery

Tonsillectomy - Adults

Children/Paediatric ENT:

Adenoidectomy - Children

Grommets - Children

Tonsillectomy - Children

Will I have a sore throat after my tonsillectomy ?
A leaflet for children and parents


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