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Patients & Visitors

Children's Therapies



Children's Physiotherapists assess and treat babies, children and young people with a variety of conditions which affect their physical skills and function. We have specialist knowledge of child development and childhood-specific conditions affecting movement.

We aim to deliver a child and family centred approach for children and young people who have a physical condition or disability. We work with you and your child to set goals that you both would like to achieve. These might be helping with difficulties impacting on your child's ability to join in with daily activities at home, early years or educational setting.

If you have chosen to also access private Physiotherapy, we would expect your private Physiotherapist to contact our team so that we can work together for the best outcome for your child.

Your Child's Appointment - what will happen?

If your child is over 12 months, please ensure they are dressed appropriately, in loose-fitting clothes (e.g. shorts) and suitable shoes. Please bring their splints/walking aids if used.

We will discuss with you and your child the reason for attending. We will agree goals that you and your child would like to achieve through Physiotherapy.

Your child will be assessed which will involve a mixture of observation, hands-on assessment and physical activities depending on the reason for referral.

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