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Children's Therapies

Please be aware that there are currently significant delays to new Occupational Therapy assessment appointments. Thank you for your patience and understanding, we are working hard to review waiting lists and minimise delays.

Activities for Home

Motor Planning Activities

Fine Motor Skill Activities for Pre-Schoolers & Reception

Motor Activities for Primary School Children

Motor Activities for Reception & Year 1

Motor Activities for Pre-School & Reception

Play ideas

0-3 months play ideas

3-6 months play ideas

6-9 months play ideas

9-12 months play ideas

About us

Children's Occupational Therapist's (OTs) work with children and young people who have a functional difficulty with activities of daily living. This can include all functional activities completed within the home and school environment. We look at areas including self-care, school activities and play. Our aim is to ensure your child is as independent as they can be.

If your child has been seen by a private Occupational Therapist, please provide a copy of their report on your first appointment, to avoid repeating assessments for your child.

Your Child's Appointment - what will happen?

Your child's first appointment will be at the RUH. We will ask you and your child about what your child finds tricky and how this is affecting their daily life.

We will complete activities with your child to help us understand where your child's difficulties lie. The activities are fun and often require the child to move around, therefore please ensure that they are wearing suitable clothing and shoes. During this appointment we can offer you advice followed up by a written report.

If required, your child may be followed up with visits to school / early years setting / follow up assessments and sessions at the RUH. This may be provided by an Occupational Therapist or Therapy Support Worker.

When your child is discharged, there will be a written report which will be sent to parents / carers, the referring professional and any other professionals involved in your child's care.

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