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Reasons for having reconstruction

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Surgery for breast cancer is likely to affect how you look and feel in some way. Some women find it harder than others to accept the idea of losing one or both of their breasts.

There is no correct way to react and every woman has a right to have surgery to restore her breast shape if she chooses. You may feel guilty about having reconstruction because it seems vain, but this really isn't so.

Remember reconstruction can be an important part of treatment that helps emotional recovery and wellbeing. It is important to consider all the options available to you and not feel pressured into making a decision.

After having a mastectomy, women can be concerned about the shape of their bodies and the look of their breasts under clothes. While some women prefer to wear an external breast form (prosthesis) inside their bra to restore their shape, others find this unacceptable.

Everyone is different, and what matters is that you reach the outcome that suits you best.

Like many women, you may choose breast reconstruction because your breasts are an important part of your body image, self-esteem and sexuality. How your partner feels may also play a part in your decision, but it is important that you make the right choice for you.

If you are not in a relationship at the time of your breast cancer surgery, you may be particularly concerned about the prospect of meeting someone new. Reconstructive surgery may help you feel more at ease about forming new relationships and allow you more freedom to decide if and when you want to talk about your cancer with new people.

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