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Patients & Visitors

Breast Unit

Your First Visit to the Breast Unit

Patient arriving at reception
Most women and men will have been referred to the Breast unit by their GP or another specialist.

We understand that this will be a stressful time for you and want to provide you with some information on what to expect.

If your appointment is for a breast surgical out-patient clinic, you will see one of the doctors, who will talk with you and perform a breast examination. Usually tests such as mammograms or ultrasound scans will then be arranged for a separate visit.

If your appointment is for imaging then you will have a mammogram and/or ultrasound scan and/or a biopsy. You may then be discharged if everything is alright, or possibly be referred on to a breast surgical out-patient clinic if necessary.

We advise you to allow up to four hours approximately for your visit as the clinics are very busy and unpredictable events can occur during the day.

What patients
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You may wish to bring a friend or relative for company.

In the clinic, there are usually five doctors on duty, each with their own patient list, so do not be alarmed if you see others being called to see a doctor before you.

Whilst every effort is made to see patients punctually, for a number of reasons it may be impossible to see you at precisely the time stated and we provide information on waiting times on the notice board in the main waiting area.

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