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General Enquiries at the RUH

General Enquiries 01225 825898
Radiology Reception 01225 824358

Note: This email address is only for the use of healthcare professionals.
If you are a patient trying to expedite test results, please contact your referring clinician directly.

Do you need to cancel or change a pre-existing appointment?

CT 01225 825989
MRI 01225 824072
Diagnostic Ultrasound 01225 825529
Princess Anne Wing Ultrasound 01225 824568 / 824380
Fluoroscopy 01225 824378

Location of the Radiology Department

To locate the Main Radiology Department at the Royal United Hospital, when you enter the hospital follow the signs to Zone B and look for the department labelled B7 (it is on the Ground Floor).

If you have a scan booked at the Ultrasound Department within Princess Anne Wing, please follow the signs to Zone D and look for the department labelled D3 (also on the Ground Floor).

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