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Gender Pay Gap Reporting

What is gender pay gap reporting?

From 2017 onwards, any UK organisation employing 250 or more employees has to publicly report on its gender pay gap in six different ways: the mean and median gender pay gaps: the mean and median gender bonus gaps: the proportion of men and women who received bonuses, and the women who received bonuses, and the number of men and women according to quartile pay bands.

Gender pay gap reporting is not about equal pay. Equal pay is about the differences in the actual earnings of men and women doing equal work. It is unlawful to pay people unequally because they are a man or a woman. The RUH Bath NHS Foundation Trust is an equal opportunities employer.

The gender pay gap shows the difference in the average earnings between all men and women in an organisation, taken from a snapshot on the 31st March each year.

You can find out more about our pay gap and the actions we are taking in our 2023 report below:

2023 report

2022 report

2021 report

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