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Equality, Diversity & Human Rights

Equality Objectives

As part of our annual Inclusion event we talk to local interest groups and our own staff, who then undertake an assessment of how we are performing against the four equality goals contained within the EDS2 framework.

As part of our Inclusion event on 1st May 2019 we used this assessment process as a basis to refresh our equality objectives. For 2019-2021 we have updated two of our objectives, a Representative and Supported Workforce and Better Health Outcomes.

  • 'A representative and supported workforce' - Following this year's Inclusion event, the Trust will be focussing on sensory loss for the next two years.¬† Specific objectives are in the process of being developed but will include awareness raising, support for staff with sensory loss, a focus on those with sensory oversensitivity, (recognising the link between learning disabilities and autism which is the focus for the Trust's 'Better patient outcomes' objective.
  • 'Better Health Outcomes' - Focus on learning disabilities and autism, recognising the development needed to improve access to care and better quality care for patients with learning disabilities and autism. This objective will link with our 'Digital Future' Strategy as well as focussing on the physical environment and ability to flex our services to provide improved patient centred care.
  • 'Improved Patient Access and Experience' - To provide high quality and sustainable Maternity services through a collaborative redesign process, engaging women and their families in order to continue to offer choice by having the right staff, in the right place and in a modern welcoming environment. This will create excellent women-centred experiences*.
  • 'Inclusive Leadership' - Develop¬† mentoring opportunities for BAME staff who are considering career progression within the Trust and scope opportunities for reverse mentoring to progress BAME agenda*.

*(Rolled over from 2017/18, will be reviewed in due course)

These Equality Objectives are monitored quarterly by our Equality & Diversity Committee, with
bi-annual updates to our Board of Directors.

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