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Pierce Trauma & Orthopaedic Unit


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About the Ward

Ward Layout

Pierce Orthopaedic Unit has 30 beds arranged in 4 bays of 5 or 6 beds and 8 side rooms.
There is a small communal day room with comfortable chairs and a television available for use by patients and relatives.

Entrance to the ward is gained by swipe card access for reasons of patient safety. Alternatively the doorbell is linked to an intercom, which can be used to speak to the ward receptionist/ward clerk who will open the doors for you.

The main reception desk and nurses' station is in the middle of the ward.

Contacting the Ward

It would be helpful and appreciated if families could nominate 1 designated family member to make enquiries to the ward and disseminate the information to their families.

Ward clerk:

01225 82 1128

Main Nurses' Station:

01225 82 1128 / 82 1462

Discharge Co-ordinator:

01225 82 1462

Pierce Management Office:

01225 82 1009

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