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Hip Fracture Unit


About the Ward

The Hip Fracture Unit is based across two orthopaedic wards: Forrester Brown Ward and Pierce Ward. Annually, the Unit cares for around 560 patients. At the RUH, hip fracture care is managed jointly by the Orthopaedic surgeons and the Orthogeriatricians. Daily medical management is provided by the Orthogeriatric team. The operating Orthopaedic team retain a responsibility if further post-operative review if required.

Benchmark data from all patients contributes to the National Hip Fracture Database, which supports constantly improving patient care for these patients.

Ward Location

Forrester Brown and Pierce wards are both located in RUH Zone B on the first floor. Forrester Brown is also known as ward B34. Pierce is also known as ward B36.

Ward Layout

Forrester Brown ward has 28 beds divided into 4 bays with 6 beds and 4 single rooms.  Pierce ward has 22 beds divided into 3 bays of 6 and 4 single rooms. It also houses the Acute Care Unit, a seven-bedded unit for post op major surgery, major trauma or acutely unwell patients.  General trauma and orthopaedic patients are cared for on both wards in addition to patients with hip fractures.

Orthopaedic Surgery

Each morning the duty Trauma Consultant meets the team to discuss all the patients admitted in the last 24 hours who may require an operation.  Plans are made and discussed with patients on the ward round.

Patients’ surgery is prioritised depending upon the medical urgency of their condition. Some patients admitted later therefore may require more urgent surgery.  Occasionally patients’ operations can be delayed if the service is especially busy or if other emergency cases are very complex.  Please be assured that the most appropriate treatment will be provided as soon as possible.

The Ward Team

Consultant Geriatricians

There are three consultant geriatricians who cover the Hip Fracture Unit:

Dr Katrina Hicks, Dr Veronica Lyell and Dr Celia Gregson.
Secretary telephone:

The Multi-disciplinary Team

The medical team includes a team of doctors and specialist nurses (Medical Nurse Practitioners).

The Ward Managers are Georgina Gallagher (Forrester Brown) and Carolyn Davey (Pierce), and they are in charge of the overall running of the ward and nursing care.  They have a dedicated team of junior sisters, nurses, healthcare assistants, domestic staff and ward clerks.

A team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, mental health liaison officers and social workers also have input into patient care.

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